Custom Silkscreening

Woodland Signs and Banners understands that customer satisfaction isn’t just a suggestion – it’s mandatory. We know that finding screen printing services that fully understands your needs and requirements aren’t always easy.

It’s about more than offering one kind of service. We know that there are many different reasons for you to choose us for your Embroidery service – whether you are hoping on creating custom T-shirts for a corporate retreat or team uniforms for the local Little League team.

We take pride in our work and professionalism. Our customers praise us for the following reasons:

  • High-quality
  • Fair rates
  • Fast turnaround
  • Near me Embroidery shop

There’s a good chance that your local screen printing business doesn’t offer the variety of options that we do – so make sure to contact us so that we can figure out how we can help. We believe in true collaboration, and making sure that you are completely satisfied.

There are couple of ways we can go forward you can contact us now with all your needs from logo design to complete Printed Polo or Tee shirt, you can step in our store location or you can get an instant quote right here on this page.

Table of Contents

Screen Printing Shirts

silkscreening homepage optOver the past decade, Woodland Signs and Banners has specialized in screen printing shirts to become a leader in the industry. Customized screen printing is the most popular and cost-effective type of shirt printing, producing vibrant and bold designs that are perfect for promoting your business or charity. It can also create durable designs for your sports teams or group events.

Woodland Signs and Banners provides customers with several ways to order and submit their designs so that designing customized t-shirts is never a hassle. We make the screen printing process simple and provide our customers with a high-quality finished product in a short amount of time.

Ordering Your T-Shirts

Getting your custom shirts with us is easy. Just upload your own design. After you like what you see you can hit submit to order your tees. When creating a design, keep in mind the more colors you use in screen printing, the cost increases. Another thing to remember is that ordering customized t-shirts is like bulk shopping, the more you order — the less the price is for each t-shirt. If you are a charity or business you may want to consider buying more than you need right now to save money because you may foresee yourself ordering more in a few months.

Before the printing begins, our award-winning graphic design team makes sure your artwork doesn’t need any final edits before art is sent for your approval. Once you love your design, we take your graphic and separate the colors then we take the matching colors and ink a screen with the coordinating hue. Think of your design in layers. Each layer of color is pressed onto the shirt then flash dried between each layer. A

fter all of the layers have been placed on the shirt we place the individual shirts on a conveyor belt heater and allow them to roll through while drying at 380 degrees. After each shirt is completely dry we check for quality, then box them up and ship them right to you.

Custom T-Shirts, Hoodies, & More

At Woodland Signs and Banners we screen print and embroidery custom t-shirts made of all different kinds of fabric and of all different sizes. We do much more than just t-shirts, however! We also screen print hoodies, tablecloths, beanies, hats, crewneck sweaters, and many other products.

If you want your name, logo, or other element embroidered or printed on your favorite shirt, handbag, or any other accessory, give us a call today! We take pride in creating custom products for clients throughout the Sacramento Area.

You Create it, We Print it!

Our purpose is to deliver to you a quality custom product and to provide an outstanding customer experience in the process.